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Firm Overview

About Solomon, Vigh & Springer

Solomon, Vigh & Springer was founded by Marvin Solomon in downtown Tampa in 1965. Since the firm’s inception, Marvin Solomon has tirelessly pursued his passion for the practice of law and grew the firm by providing his clients the highest degree of legal representation. For over the past fifty years, Solomon, Vigh & Springer has cultivated its stellar reputation as commercial litigation and creditors’ rights practice by zealously serving its clients’ needs, upholding the pinnacle of ethical standards, and at all times adhering to its core philosophy of showing respect and deference to all parties.

Protecting the legal rights of our clients is the primary objective of Solomon, Vigh & Springer. This ethos includes, but is not limited to, compliance with all statutory and ethical requirements attendant to the manner in which we demean ourselves in adversary situations.

Solomon, Vigh & Springer is sensitive to our clients’ brands and desires not only to advance client positions through pre-litigation, litigation, and post-litigation strategies but to guard our clients’ reputations and relationships with their customers. We believe in valuing people and allowing an opportunity for opposing perspectives to be heard. This cornerstone is derived from the belief that through empathy most disputes may find an amicable resolution.

Our Vision

The vision of our law firm is to provide our clients with highly skilled legal counsel in a professional, ethical, and efficient manner. We strive to provide our clients with a broad range of quality legal services and to offer our team members exciting and challenging work. We will continue to promote vigorously an office culture that is highly professional, collegiate, and welcoming. Our goal is to create and foster a professional and collegiate environment in which our team members can flourish and enjoy the practice of law while effectively serving the needs of our clients. With our dedication to professionalism, integrity, and care, Solomon, Vigh & Springer seeks to be recognized as the law firm that business and medical provider clients desire to associate with throughout the state of Florida.

Our Mission

The mission of Solomon, Vigh & Springer is to assist our clients in achieving their goals by providing high-quality legal representation, ethical counsel, and strategic advice. We work with business and medical provider clients to understand their objectives, to resolve current disputes and to anticipate proactively, and prevent future issues. As a firm, we are committed to delivering professional, efficient, and cost-effective legal services with a focus on communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail.

Our Values

Our core values guide the manner in which we serve our clients and the way our team members interact with each other. These values are the standard to which we are accountable in all situations:

  • We value INTEGRITY in all aspects of our work and our lives, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards in our decisions, actions, and communications.
  • We value INNOVATION and continually challenge each team member to learn and grow. We openly welcome new ideas that will create efficiencies and will vigorously pursue changes that will enhance the effectiveness of the services we provide our clients.
  • We value TEAMWORK & COLLABORATION and believe the synergy of our combined individual contributions will elevate the success we achieve for our clients, our firm, and each team member.
  • We value COMMUNICATION and understand it is of paramount importance to our success as a firm. We are committed to timely, responsive, honest, and respectful communication with our clients, opposing parties, and each other.
  • We value RESPONSIBILITY to our clients by adding value, reducing extraneous costs, and meeting their needs. We value RESPONSIBILITY to each other through mutual respect, working expeditiously and productively, and at all times upholding the image and values of our firm.
  • We value INTELECTUAL CHALLENGES. Traditionally law is one of three learned professions. Law is not a thing. Law is abstractions: words and mathematics, thoughts and ideas, written and spoken, the consequence of which may result in court rulings that change the structure of society permanently. Law is serious and our law firm takes the law seriously.